Unusual hindu temples and their mysterious powers

Unusual hindu temples and their mysterious powers :- We all know that there are a large number of people who believe in Hinduism in India. In the Hindu religion, the place of Godhead is called temple. These temples are in a large number and are present in almost every corner of the country. Some of these temples are also those with which many wonderful secrets are also associated. Let us talk about some mysterious cases of hindu temples that will shock you.

Konark Sun Temple

Unusual hindu temples and their mysterious powers

Konark Sun is located in the city of Konark. There are quite a few facts related to the temple, given in 2005 CE. Which will surprise you. It is believed that there is magnetic energy in the upper surface of the temple. Which pulls up any airplane or bird from the top of the temple. Scientists are also surprised by this amazing mystery of the temple. Apart from this, the size of the temple can surprise you. Why the size of the temple is in the shape of a chariot That looks like a real chariot. There are 24 wheels in this chariot, which are being pulled by 7 horses. That seems to be real. The temple of Konark is also said to this temple that inside the temple there is a real light of the sun. The exact time can be guessed by this. (Unusual hindu temples and their mysterious powers)

Brihadeeswara Temple

Unusual hindu temples and their mysterious powers

This temple is quite grand and huge. The Vriddhivadhar temple is located in Tanjore of Tamil Nadu. There are quite interesting and mysterious facts associated with this temple. This temple is completely made of granite stone. Being so granite of such a large temple can put you in astonishment. This temple has been included in the heritage of the world by UNESCO institution. This temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, is in the 13th floor. How this technique has been used to build buildings hundreds of years ago today.  The entire temple was built by cutting the same stone. This stone is almost 800 tons. Scientists are also shocked about how such a large stone has been raised at that time.

Virbhadra Temple

Unusual hindu temples and their mysterious powers

Virbhadra Temple is well known as the hanging temple. the temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, Vishnu and Birbhadra, built at a place named Lepakshi. There is a mysterious truth associated with the temple. A pillar of this temple always hangs in the air. The scientists has worked on the subject for many years how a column of such a large temple can remain in the air. It is believed that in 1583, this temple of this temple was shaken by a British scientist who had hanging the hanging column, so far it has been continuously moving. Devotees come from far away to visit this temple. It is believed that happiness is achieved by removing clothes from under this pillow.

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Padmanabhaswamy temple

Unusual hindu temples and their mysterious powers

Padmanabhaswamy temple is located in Kerala’s capital of Thiruvananthapuram. It is one of the most mysterious temples around the world. It is believed that many precious treasures are hidden in the basement of the temple. Whose scientific confirmation has already been done. But the door to reach this treasure has not been opened yet. Many people tried to open this porch but failed. Inside the temple is the possession of toxic snakes. Who once killed the people who went in search of treasure in the temple. The people associated with the temple believe that it can open a perfect man. If someone opens the door then he will die. There is no proven man in the world by which the door to be opened. (Unusual hindu temples and their mysterious powers)

Kailash Temple

Unusual hindu temples and their mysterious powers

Kailash Temple is an example of a wonderful creation devoted to Lord Shiva. There are many important facts associated with the temple which can surprise you. 280 feet long and 160 feet wide This temple is designed by cutting the cable to the only stone. You will be stunned to see the temple craftsman. The stones have been cut in such size. That they look very beautiful The temple’s building style is an important example of ancient Indian temple construction style. To build this temple, about 45,000 tonnes of Bazan clay rocks were removed and the temple was built 90 feet high. There are wonderful views of the artisan on the walls of the temple. Between the middle of the temple is the great idol of lord Nandi of Lord Shiva.

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