Top 4 Hotest women Bodybuilders of the world


1.›Karuna Waghmare

A famous name in women’s fitness world, her story is completely inspirational because she made it big despite her family’s financial status. 44-year-old Waghmare has several titles for his credit, for example, in the 2014 Amateur Olympia, Miss India 2015, overall titles, 2012 Miss India fitness figures, etc. It is believed that superstar Salman Khan Their protection and financing is offered.


2.›Ashwini Vaskar

Just a few years ago, Vaskar was a very simple woman with some very poor dignity. In relation to the Konkan region of Maharashtra, Vaskar reached Mumbai to pursue his career as a senior researcher of Central Institute in Fisheries, because he ended his master in fisheries. He joined the gym because he was overweight and wanted to get rid of it. Within a year, there was so much visible change that she became the first competitive female bodybuilder in India. Even after his delivery, he did not stop and went to become a famous body producer in India.

3.›Kiran Dimla

This 41 year old young lady is a trained classical singer, mother of two sweet children and a professional fitness trainer. Now she wants to make a mark in the World Body Building Champion Ship in Europe and then in America.He really breaks the stereotype that enters the fitness training world, which usually does not think of chasing women.

4.›Deepika Chaudhary

30-year-old Deepika Chaudhary received many awards in the US in 2015 at the NPC Steve Stone metro polyton championship. Which was recently held in the United States. By winning this award, she became the first woman in India to win an international health championship. 30 year old Deepika Chaudhary is a tough competition. He said that he has fulfilled this determination in two years with accomplished determination and self-discipline.

This married mother and technical research assistant Deepika has contributed towards India on many international platforms, which has numerous fame. Committed to the needs and needs of her family, Deepika has shown career oriented women, can actually do multi-task.



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