Top 10 most intelligent countries in the world

Top 10 most intelligent countries in the world

Top 10 most intelligent countries in the world :- Hello friends, there is no doubt that no country can become powerful unless it has Powerful ManPower. To reach a country high, a skilled intellectual ability is needed for the masses. The success of developed countries is their country’s telented manpower behind. Today we will talk about such top 10 intelligent countries in the world. To calculate the intelligence level of any country, we would consider that country’s general ICI i.e. the intelligence capital index.

1United States of America

United States has secured first place in the table of intelligent country. America got this place for good quality education. America has become the hub of excellent education in today’s era. Only US has achieved A+ certificate in the rankings of ICI. America got the best score of 74.88.

2United Kingdom

United Kingdom achieved second place with ranking of 64.19. The main reason for the second place in the United Kingdom is its Education Quality and ELITE ranking. In addition to the US, the UK is also known for its finest education around the world. UK received A grade certification in ICI ranking.


Germany got third position in the ICI rankings and globally. With the excellent ICI score of 64.18, Germany received this A class certificate and left behind many major countries. Germany has achieved this position on its superior creativity level and education quality. Germany is on the 3rd number in our list of top 10 most intelligent countries in the world


Australia also achieved the fourth place in the list of ICI, despite being No. 1 in the elite level and No. 2 in Education Quality, Australia Education Quality has left some behind in the absence of other top countries.


Singapore is considered one of the best IQ countries. Regardless of its finest elite ranking and the best ability to engage people, the key point behind Singapore’s ranking in this ranking is its educational quality and quality. This country is in the 52th position in the field of education quality. This poor education quality leaves Singapore far behind from other top countries.


Apart from Germany, Sweden’s best performance in this list of country is a positive symbol. Apart from the helping quality of Sweden in getting the position of number 6 in the ICI rankings, Peoples Creativity of the country has also done. Today, it will be very surprising to know that the first place in the list of Crevity has been received by sweden.


Switzerland is counted among the world’s richest countries. There is no doubt that the educational quality of Switzerland is excellent, in addition to attracting people towards itself, this country is also on 3rd position in attracting people. Switzerland also achieved the 7th position in this ICI rank.


The main reason for this list of lagging behind other countries in Canada is weakness in the creativity level. Apart from other categories in the average list of cognitive skills. We can not say that Canada’s performance is useless, with the overall score of 61.15, this country has achieved the 8th position.


With the finest creativity level and elite ranking, finland has been successful in incorporating its name into the top 10 categories in this list. Finland is a country ahead in the field of creativity and while performing brilliantly, Finland has achieved 2nd position in the list of creativity level. Total score in this list of Finland is 60.45.


Top 10 ICI ranking In the region of the remaining countries, we will talk about the DENMARK, which has achieved the 10th position in this list. According to this list, DENMARK has done a great job in the field of education. DENMARK’s educational quantity and quality are both good. Apart from this, the creativity level of the people of the country is also quite good. Denmark is on the 10th number in our list of top 10 most intelligent countries in the world

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