Top 10 Dangerous railway track in world

Top 10 Dangerous railway track in world

Top 10 Dangerous railway track in world :- You must have traveled in the train many times in your life, sometimes you will have to face difficulties too, and many times your heart will be filled with thrill while traveling. But have you ever traveled on world dangerous railway track ? You may be thinking that who would like to be such a dangerous traveler, but do not panic, there is a tribe of engineers in the world who has built a world of railway track on those difficult paths, with their skills and science, where Nature also raised their hands. For Today we will introduce you to some extreme railway journeys that are known as the world’s most dangerous railway routes. So let’s look at the pictures in the Top 10 Dangerous railway track in world that will give you the sensation.

1. Kuranda Scenic Railway :-

Kuranda Scanner Railway

Kuranda Scanner Railway track passes through Baron Gorge National Park in Australia. The most important thing is that there is a large waterfall near this track. When the train passes through this track, the water of the water does not leave the passengers in the train to soak the passengers, the fear of the people behind this wonderful shade of the track remains intriguing as the surrounding scenes are exciting. It is also dangerous.  

2. Argo Gede Train Railroad :-

Argo Gade Train Railroad Argo Gade Train Railroad is in Indonesia’s capital Jakarta. These rail tracks pass through the valleys and rivers. Let me tell you, on this route there was an accident in 2002. While traveling on this track, you can enjoy the greenery spread below the height.  

3. Outeniqua Choo Tjoe Train South Africa :-

Outeranciva Railway tracks Outeranciva Railway track is located in South Africa, and these tracks make you travel to the Ottenkwa Transport Museum. The river flowing below and the running train passes through many narrow paths. Many times people also feel scared during this train trip.  

4. Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad :-

Comber's and Toltec Railroad The railway route is very old in Comber’s and Toltec Railroad America’s New Mexico. Since 1880, the bushes for the trains are like thorns. The height of the track is quite high and the frame is also a different type, if the accident occurs then it is impossible to save life.  

5. Viaducto La Polvorilla :-

Train A Las Nubes This excellent rail track is located in Argentina, Train A. Las Nubes. You will be surprised to know that these tracks pass through 21 tunnels and 13 bridges. Many times there are so many turns that the train looks like a snake on the tracks.  

6. White Pass and Yukon Route Railroad :-

Haute Pass and Yukon Route These tracks have been made in the US state of Alaska. The biggest feature of this track is that these tracks pass through the snowy areas and the lovers enjoy this track very much.  

7. Chennai-to-Rameswaram Route :-

 Chennai-to-Rameswaram Route We have told you about the railway routes of foreign countries. This is India’s excellent railway track which is a great example of engineering itself. Yes, this track goes straight from Chennai to Rameswaram and tell you, this track has been built on the sea level. Many times when the level of water increases, the train rises by moving the water. Once this is the experience of this track. ( Amazing train routes in india )  

8. Georgetown Loop Railroad :-

Georgetown Loop Railroad These tracks have been made in the US of Colorado. This track is designed to connect two hills. Below is a thrill of thousands of well-filled trenches and trains filled with furrata.  

9. Devil’s Nose in the Andes of Ecuador :-

Neridge del Diablo Neerij del Diablo Railway Neridge del Diablo Neerij del Diablo Railway is one of the world’s most scary riders. It carries the journey of the Andes mountain range from about 9,000 feet to the beach. It is also called the Devil’s nose train.  

10. Minamiaso Railway Takamori Line :-

Minamiaso railway track This railway track is built in Japan’s Minamiaso city. This track was 17.7 kilometers long in 1928. There are total 9 stations on this railway track. The bridge that is built between two hills is old but it is repaired from time to time. Traveling on this track surrounded by mountains is also a great adventure. For the best aming adventures check out fairytale legends red riding hood slot


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