Sundarban royal bengal tiger interesting facts

Sundarban royal bengal tiger

Sundarban royal bengal tiger interesting facts :- Dear readers, today we are going to talk about Bengal tigers interesting facts or sundarban royal bengal tiger. These tigers are known for their beautiful stiffness, physical efficiency and living in a royal style. These are mainly found in the countries of West Bengal and other neighboring countries of India, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Nepal. Basically There are many interesting facts about these tigers found in India Which separates them from other species of tigers(bengal tiger interesting facts), which we will discuss today. So let’s know about them …

sundarban royal bengal tiger

  • Bengali tigers are mostly dark yellow. On which are dark brown stripes. These tigers have white stomach on which black lines are found.
  • The total length of a male Bengali Tiger (with tail) can be 250 to 300 cm or more, while the total length of female tiger is less than a male tiger, which is limited to 250 to 270 cm.
  • A male Bengal tiger weighs between about 480 to 490 pounds, on the other hand, a female tiger has limited to 300 to 310 pounds.
  • The tail of a Bengali tiger can be 85 to 110 cm, the height above their shoulders is between 90 to 110 centimeters.
  • The Bengali tigers are known for the loud roar. Their roar can be heard even on an average of three kilometers.
  • On the basis of genetic patterns, these tigers have been placed in the category of tigers which came to India 12,000 years ago.
  • According to their stature, the wild tiger makes a very good fight for Siberian tigers; some Bengali tigers are bigger than the Siberian tigers.
  • In these tigers found in India, the interaction between the females and other male tigers is not found primarily.
  • These tigers often do not like staying in family units, they keep themselves alone.
  • Like other Indian animals, the male Bengal Tiger does not play any role under the supervision of its children, after breeding, it separates itself from the family. And goes to a solitary place.
  • Bengali tigers often divide their areas. A male tiger decides to settle down to a certain extent. He continues to stop the movement of other tigers in these areas.

Bengal tiger habitat

  • A male Bengali tiger spray with his urine on the tree or leaves. Which determines the area of that tiger. Often, male tigers use their urine spray to attract female tigers.

sundarban royal bengal tiger

  • When a male Bengali tiger feels the smell of urine of any other male tiger, it is proof that another tiger has also occupied it in this area. After this, tigers battle each other to save their territory.
  • Whenever a female tiger enters the area of a male tiger, then it is important for a male tiger to know that this female tiger is not already pregnant. In this situation, the male tigers hesitate to adopt them.
  • Occasionally there is a violent clash between two male tigers in the affair of the female tiger. In such a way, even one tiger dies. Female tiger make up relationships with the live tiger.
  • It is believed that the female tigers conceive in the months of April and November. A female tiger conceives 100 to 105 days.
  • A female tiger gives birth to healthy children from 1 to 4. At birth, a child may have up to two pounds. Female tigers give birth to their child around some cave or bushes and green grasses.
  • Mother Tiger protects her children after birth. It takes 1 to 2 years for a small tiger to set up its territory.
  • Although tigers hunt only small and large wild animals, they sometimes kill humans in their own defense.
  • With the rising interference of human beings in the forest, sometimes the tigers leave their territory and enter in the villages and cause harm to life.
  • Based on the geographical environment, Bengal Tiger is limited in only a few parts. The Indian subcontinent is considered the main place of residence of Bengal Tiger.
  • The number of Bengal Tiger is declining in India and other countries due to changing strength and geographical conditions.
  • India is the country with the highest number of Bengal Tiger. Also in Nepal, Bhutan and Myanmar, they are found in a limited amount

sundarban royal bengal tiger

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Bengal tiger endangered

A large number of environmental conservationists and social workers have been campaigning to save the species of tigers along with government institutions. The Government of India has given great importance to Bengal Tiger in terms of its cultural heritage and tourism. The government keeps worrying about their declining number. Other neighboring countries of India including Nepal, Bangladesh and Bhutan. There is also a sufficient number of tigers which are a good source of income for the tourism department of these countries. The Government of India has selected many such other places which will be helped in the protection and shelter of tigers along with other institutions. Together with some voluntary organizations, the Indian government launched a campaign called “SAVE THE TIGER” .

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