Some interesting facts about life with images

5 minutes after your birth, they decide your name, nationlity, religion & sect, & you spend the rest of your life defending something you didn't even choose.

interesting facts about life

Some interesting facts about life with images :- Hello friends, have you ever wondered whats life is like? What are the incidents that affect our lives? Many authors, poets, and philosophers have told life into their own words. Life in simple language has been expressed as a journey from birth to death. Today, we will take this issue forward and learn about intresting facts of life in detail. So let’s read interesting facts about life.

Interesting facts about life and death

 1.  In a simple language, a person’s life is shown as a journey that starts from the birth of a human being and travels to its death.

 2.  Scientists have considered the average age of one person as 100 years. But only a few percent of the people in the world can reach this age.

 3.  With increasing pollution and excessive use of fertilizers and bad eating habits, the average age of the person is decreasing year by year, which has gradually been limited to 80 years.

 4.  When we talk about the purpose of life then the biological, religious scholars, and social people of life have their own views.

 5.  At human level, the life of a human being always remains intensely afraid of death. The good things done by him make him happy.

 6.  Good health at the social level Good health , better lifestyle, and the life of peace and relaxation are the definition of a better life of man.

 7.  Humans work hard in the present to make their future a happy one. And hope that tomorrow is better than yesterday.

 8.  It is difficult to say whether humans will be born as another human life after this death. Scientists have come to deny such possibilities. But some religious people believe that this could be possible.

 9.  According to some religious beliefs, if a person lives with the aim of philanthropy and serves others and devotes devotion to God, then he is born again born as a human being.

 10.  On the other hand, some religious people refuse to speak of rebirth by saying that as soon as one man does karma, he will get reward similarly in this life before his death.

interesting facts about life

 11.  Whatever acuity we do in life, there must be some purpose behind it. This rewards can be in any form. This reward gets us as hard work done to achieve success.

 12.  There is a special significance of moving forward in human life if we do not work hard to move forward, then our life will stop. And we will lag behind the others.

 13.  There have been many great people who have wasted their whole life for the bright future of their upcoming generation.

 14.  Since the development of human civilization, man has made a lot of efforts to make his life better, which results in front of us today. Man has faced many difficulties to make his life easier.

 15.  One important purpose of our life should be that we do not waste time. It is believed that the time we are wasting today we will have to pay for it in the future.

 16.  Humans adapt their life to a certain routine. He becomes addicted to this routine. he has to face difficulties in order to change this routine.

 17.  Any human being always reluctant to do something new to his life. But the truth of life is that unless you try to do something new you will not be able to retire differently in life.

 18.  We get experience in life and happiness in the hour of grief which has a very positive and destructive impact on our lives.

 19.  These experiences greatly change the life of a person. Positive experiences give us motivation in life, even when we learn a lot of things from the negative experience.

 20.  One person examines the life of another person by some of his principles And accordingly, the right and the good one decides evil.

interesting facts about life with photos

 21.  There is an equal age twice in our lives which is childhood and old age. In old age a person becomes a child and he becomes dependent on the other.

 22.  It is extremely difficult to say how many children develop mentally in a number of days, in most children it is different from one another.

 23.  It is believed that good food is a basis for better health and better life. We always need to pay attention to catering.

 24.  We all make a special role model in our life. And move ahead with the inspiration to live like them.

 25.  In a research it was found that positive thoughts and positive thinking help a lot in reaching its destination.

 26.  There is a special place in the life of a human being in its birthplace. Every man wants to stay connected to his birthplace throughout life.

 27.  Attachment to any person in our life is not always the same. It always keeps less and more with our behaviors and thinking.

 28.  Grief and sorrow have been given a special place in human life. It is the responsibility of a person to forget these memories with changing times so that his future can be happy.

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