Psychological facts about human body language

Psychological facts about human body language

Psychological facts about human body language & Reading body language :- Friends, today we are going to tell about some facts related to body language. Knowing about these basic psychological factors, you can easily learn about any person’s body language easily. Reading body language is mainly an art. You can read the body language of any person with the help of facial expression, body posture and other physical moments. So let’s tell you about some such important sign.

Psychological facts about human body language
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Psychological facts about human body language

 1.  Any person is staring at another person for a long time. And his face is become red. So you should understand that the person is very angry.

 2.  If any person is pulling your eyebrows upstairs, and if he is being satiated from sweating then that person lacks confidence and he understands his level very little from your level.

 3.  If any person is watching the clock and talking to you again, then you should understand that the person is quick to go, he is no longer interested in talking to you any more.

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 4.  During your business dealings, your client is joining hands with your enthusiasm so it is a positive sign.

 5.  Eyes blinking can also be seen as the sign of a body language action. A person’s eyes blinking often increases when he is lying to someone.

 6.  Creating a sign of V with the help of fingers is a symbol of victory. Normally, when we win, this ‘V’ symbol is used to indicate victory with the help of gestures.

 7.  When we call someone for the best of luck or wish someone’s for good work, we use thumbs up and we use thumbs down for an opposite condition.

 8.  When we look with full hope to the sky, with a hope, it means that we are exploring God’s help.

Eye movements when lying

eye movements when lying
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 9.  If a person is sitting by keeping his hand on the head , then this will show the stress and tension of the person. Often when a person becomes more worried then he reacts like this.

 10.  When a person kiss the ground it is an expression of his happiness. He credits this success to that holy land.

 11.  If we have to understand body language then it is necessary that we should come up with the use of normal gestures so that we can establish a positive communication.

 12.  Some body gestures are such that are used in almost different way in every country. For example head nodding. In some countries it is sign of ‘yes’ and in some it is considered ‘no’.

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 13.  Severe breathing is displayed by any person’s fear or fatigue.

 14.  If someone talking to you often sees your mobile or changes the topic. So it shows you that the person in front of you is not interested in talking to you.

 15.  In your presentation or speech, a person has keep his own eyes on you and is thinking about something else, then it is a matter of fact that the person is listening to your point and thinking about it.

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