Nipah virus transmission, Treatment, Precaution


Nipah virus transmission -Nipah virus treatment – Nipah virus Precaution:- According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Nipah virus (NiV) is a newly emerging disease, which causes severe illness in both animals and humans. It is also called ‘Nipah virus encephalitis’. Nipah virus has killed nine people so far in Kerala.

Dr. Agrawal said that when it is transmitted to humans, then it comes from asymptomatic infection to acute respiratory syndrome and clinical presentation of malignant encephalitis. NIV was first detected in 1998 in Malaysia’s Camping Sungai Nippah during a disease spread. It is spread by bats and affects both animals and humans.

Nipah virus transmission

Nipah virus transmission

These diseases spread through bats. It was first believed that it spread through pigs but later it came to know that these were pigs who came in contact with bats. Later, when the disease spread to Bangladesh in 2004, it was discovered that these diseases came to those people, who drank the juice of raw palm, where there was a camp of bats.

In countries like India and Bangladesh, these diseases are transmitted directly from human beings through the bat. Therefore, those who have this disease should take precautions necessary to get in touch with others. In some cases, the patient may also have to face the respiratory problem.

Nipah virus treatment

Many researchers are currently working on making Nippah’s vaccination. But no researchers have yet found success in making the vaccination of this virus treatment. There is no vaccination for this virus, so if a person is infected with this virus and has trouble with respiratory disease, then the person is kept on the ventilator and given only liquids.

Nipah virus Precaution

Nipah virus Precaution - Nipah virus treatment

  1. Make sure that the food you eat is not contaminated with a bat or its stool.
  2. Avoid drinking the toddy made in an open container near the Palm tree.
  3. Do not contact to person suffering from the disease. If you have to meet, then wash your hands well with soap afterward.
  4. Clean all things which are used in toilets such as buckets and mugs.
  5. It is important to cover the face while carrying a dead body of any person who dies from a night fever. Avoid embracing the dead person and take precautions while bathing the body before his funeral.



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