Most mysterious temples in india and their unsolved mysterious stories

Unusual hindu temples and their mysterious powers

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Most mysterious temples in india and their unsolved mysterious stories

1. Konark Sun Temple

Built-in 2005 C.E., the temple is located in Konark, India. The temple is outlined as a chariot with 24 wheels pulled by 7 horses. Some portion of the protection structure fallen or was crushed in the seventeenth century C.E. It is trusted the fell structure had a 52-ton magnet at the best. This magnet caused the principal statue (Idol) to suspend noticeable all around. The wheels of the sanctuary are really sundials. Exact time can be figured by the shadows cast by the spokes.


2. Brihadeeswarar Temple

Developed in 1010 C.E., the sanctuary is situated in Tanjore, India. It is one of the biggest sanctuaries in India. Approx. 130,000 tons of stone was utilized as a part of the development. The Kumban (Round zenith structure) is cut from a solitary stone shake. It weighs approx. 80 tons and sits on the sanctuary tower. The Vimanam (sanctuary tower) is 66 meters (216 feet) high. How did laborers 1,000 years back figure out how to lift an 80-ton cut stone this high… with no cranes or lifting machines, still remains a secret.


3. Veerabhadra temple

Developed in 1530 C.E., the sanctuary is situated in Lepakshi, India. The sanctuary has around 70 columns supporting the rooftop. Be that as it may, one corner column in the corridor does not lay on the ground. In 1910 C.E., a British architect endeavored to reveal the mystery of the hanging column. He figured out how to influence a side of the column to touch the ground yet this made the roof to misalign and mutilated the fresco sketches. What keeps this column swinging from the best still remains a secret. What's more, then there is the substantial impression in stone in the sanctuary the impression is 3 feet long a stream of water streams into it from underground keeping it wet.


4. Padmanabhaswamy Temple

There is no correct date of the beginning of this sanctuary. The sanctuary is situated in Thiruvananthapuram, India. It is the wealthiest sanctuary on the planet. Gold and gems worth $22 billion is put away in underground vaults. Just 5 out of the 8 vaults have been opened to date. Vault B in the sanctuary is the most baffling and stays unexplored. A chamber in the vaults is fixed with a tremendous iron entryway. The entryway has two huge cobras painted on it without any methods for the section. It is asserted that the entryway must be opened by a spiritualist serenade. It is trusted that opening this chamber some other way would bring incredible disaster.


5. Kailasa Temple

The exact date of development of the sanctuary is obscure. Carvings on the dividers can be followed to the eighth century C.E. The sanctuary is situated in the caverns of Ellora, India. The sanctuary is a stone monument – cut out of a solitary shake. It could just have been developed by the vertical removal technique. Carvers gazed at the highest point of the stone and exhumed downwards. The sanctuary is double the region of the Parthenon in Greece and half taller. It has the biggest cantilevered shake roof on the planet approx. 400,000 tons of shake must be expelled from the site. How did laborers, a huge number of years prior, utilizing just sleds, etches and picks figure out how to cut this sanctuary? remain a riddle to date.





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