Historical places in saudi arabia

Historical places in saudi arabia

Historical places in saudi arabia & Famous places in saudi arabia :- Hello friends, In this article we are going to discuss about various historical places of the Saudi Arabia. We all know that Saudi Arabia is a sandy country, the weather of the country is mostly warm. The country inhabited by this desert is considered to be the holy land of Muslim religion. Saudi Arabia was established around 1750. People living mostly in the country are Sunni Muslims. So let’s learn about historical places in saudi arabia or famous places in saudi arabia.

1. Makkah/Mecca

Makkah&Mecca-historical places in saudi arabiaMecca or makkah is considered to be one of the most holy places of muslim religion. In quraan the makkah has been called bakkah. According to the Islamic tradition, the construction of the mecca was made as a kaaba by Abrahim and his son around 2000 BCE. Every year millions of people travel to this holy place. It is believed that every Muslim should definitely go to Makkah once in his life. Makkah is on the 1st number in our list of Historical places in saudi arabia.

2. Madina

madina - historical places in saudi arabiaMadina is another holy place of muslim religion. This city is much smaller than city of mecca. In madina many old historical mosques can be seen. The first mosque during the time of muhmmad is also present in Medina. The name of this mosque is quba mosque. This mosque was destroyed with passing time. In 1487 this mosque is restored by the Egyptian ruler Qaitbay .some other holy mosque of islam is present here which is Masjid al-Qiblatain and al-Masjid an-Nabawi.the city is the capital of islamic ruler’s for a long time. According to some religious point of When a muslim visit mecca it is necessary for him to visit madina.

3. Masmak Fort

Masmak Fort - historical places in saudi arabiaMasmak fort has been constructed from clay and mud bricks.The building was constructed in 1865 by the prince Riyadh Abdulrahman ibn Sulaiman Ibn Dabaan of riyadh. If we talk about Fort, then the walls of this fort are kept thick, in which there are 4 watchtower. The stones were also used in the construction of the fort. Initially, this building was used by King Abdulaziz from 1902 to 1938. He used this fort as a court. When you enter this fort you will welcomed by a small gate which made of palm tree. this gate is very important in terms of security. Only one person can get out of this gate at ones . In the beginning of 1980, this fort was renovated. Since then it became part of King Abdulaziz Historical Center.

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4. Nassif house

Nassif house - historical places in saudi arabiaNassif House’s construction work was done in 1881 by Omar Nassif Efendi . Omar Nassif Efendi At that time the Governor of jeddah. The building had more than 100 rooms, this house offers excellent samples of art and culture hard work were done to decorate woods and tiles inside the rooms. This design is considered an example of Ottoman Turkish. People have also named Nassif house “The House with the Tree”. The reason for this is the neem tree inside the building. Because it is very difficult to grow green trees in this sandy place. When Abdulaziz Ibn Saud came here in 1925, he was surprised to see the splendor of the building. They became so attached to this place and they started using this special place to accommodate their royal guests. Later this building was used as a large library. Where now everyone has access.

5. Jawatha Mosque

Jawatha Mosque - historical places in saudi arabiaJawatha Mosque is the one of the oldest mosque in the saudi arabia in a village Al-Kilabiyah ,which is about 12 km northeast of Hofuf , Al-Ahsa , Saudi Arabia. . It was built around c.630 ad. according to historical point of view .the mosque was built by the member of the abd al-qays tribe. The member of this tribe is generally lives here in early islamic period. There are some other religious views about this mosque when the Hajr Al Aswad or black stone was stolen from mecca . The stones was kept in this mosque for more than twenty years. By passing of time the mosque is completely ruined except Only five small mud-brick arches.

6. King Abdul Aziz Historical Centre

King Abdulaziz National ParkNow we are discuss about the story of historical building King Abdul Aziz Historical Centre. In is situated in the city of Riyadh . At the beginning this is not the historical centre . At before this place is known by name murabba’ palace which was built by king abdul aziz around the year 1936-37. After some time this place is used as royal residence few year later no one take intrest in it. Centennial Celebrations which is held in 1999.

The government start ‘the murabba’ devlopment project’ so the condition of the place will improve. So they devlopment this place as a several cultural institutions which focuse on the national history in general and the history of the current Saudi State and its founder in detail. So the old part of the buildings was restored on and The surrounding area was made into a landscape of parks and plazas then this building developed as National Museum of Saudi Arabia.

7. Barzan Palace

Barzan Palace - Famous places in saudi arabiaBarzan Palace was constructed by Prince Muhammad bin Abdul-Muhsin Al Ali. But the construction work completed around 1848 -68 during the rule of Talal ibn Abdullah . Who was the second Rashidi amir . This grand palace covered the area of more than 300,000 square metres. The palace building is devided in three floor . In first floor there are some reception halls , garden and kitchens. The second floor was booked for the special guest. The third place was occupied by the royal family. In 1921 this place is destroyed by Ibn Saud of Saudi Arabia .


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