7 countries that are not included in the world map.


7 countries that are not included in the world map :-

Today we are going to tell you about 7 countries that have not been included in the world map And only a few people know about these cities. According to the list released by the UN, there are a total of 193 countries in the world, where Taiwan and Kosovo have not been included. However, Switzerland, Montenegro and South Sudan have become the newest countries by subscribing to the United Nations. These are 7 countries that are not in the map of the world …..

1.» Transnistria 

In 1990, the country was separated from Chisinau. This country has its own separate army, currency and flag. But fewer people in the world, including Russia, know about this country. If you have to travel to Europe in the old times, then this country should be your first choice in this matter.

2.» Somaliland

In 1991, there was a sudden violence in Somalia and at the same time Somalia’s North-West part declared itself free. The flag of this country, the currency is also different.

3.» Kurdistan of Iraq

Since the 1970s, Kudistan has existed in the capacity of an independent country within Iraq. At the time of dictator Sadam Hussain this country had made a lot of progress. Five thousand people were killed in an attack in 1980. There was a lot of attacks on this country after Sadam Hussain. But even today the country is in a better condition. This country has its own separate army, government and border. At the same time, the country is also very advanced in the case of tourism.

4.» Western Sahara

Saharan Arab Democratic Republic i.e. Western Sahara is a country hidden from the eyes of the world. These countries are part of the African Union. This country, with a population of 5 lakh people, is fighting its freedom struggle.

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5.» Abkhazia

Abkhazia used to be a part of Georgia before, but after the collapse of the Soviet Union this country demanded its independence. After which in 1993, it was declared an independent country.

6.» Seborga

Apart from the Vatican City and Sun Marino in Italy, there is another small country which is called Seborga. Seborga is a small hill country bigger than New York’s Central Park.

7.» Puntland

Puntland is a country which is separated from Somalia, Puntland. First we read about Somaliland. But where the country kept peace, in contrast to this, ISIS was occupied by this country. There are always terrorist incidents happening here. This country had declared itself independent after the civil war started in Somalia. According to the country, as soon as the civil war ends, they will get back from Somalia.



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