25 Most Venomous Creatures On Earth


Have you ever been bitten by a snake or a scorpion? Chances are everything turned out okay, but that’s not always the case. There are some creatures out there that will mess you up quite significantly if you happen to suffer a bite from one of them. These are the 25 Most Venomous Creatures On Earth!

2 Brazilian wandering spider

Brazilian wandering spider

This spider’s venom is so strong that it rivals that of many snakes. Symptoms include intense pain, paralysis, and respiratory arrest (followed by death).

3 Fat-tailed scorpion

Fat-tailed scorpion

The Tunisian version of this creature accounts for nearly 90% of scorpion deaths in North Africa every year.

4 Boomslang

boomslang snake

A bite from this snake can be a nightmare. Victims typically bleed out of every hole in their body due to its hemotoxic effects.

5 Catfish


Catfish? Yup, the catfish you cook is actually quite venomous. It’s quite painful, and it’s recommended that you seek medical treatment if you get stung. While it’s not usually fatal, its venom can be strong enough to kill a human.

6 Common Krait

Common Krait

This snake is particularly nasty because although its bite doesn’t hurt, its venom contains powerful neurotoxins. A person could be bitten and not know it until they can’t breathe several hours later.

7 Russell’s Viper

Russell's viper

Bites from this Old World viper are quite terrifying. Most victims will begin to bleed from their gums and experience organ failure. Early treatment is critical to survival.

8 King Brown Snake

King Brown Snake

Also known as the Mulga, this snake delivers a lot of venom in one bite (150 milligrams). Fortunately, its venom isn’t as potent as some other creatures.

9 Duck-Billed Platypus

Duck-billed platypus

You wouldn’t guess it, but this cute little creature can deliver a venomous blow that will leave you in pain for weeks.

10 Indian Cobra

indian cobra

The venom of these snakes contains both heart and nerve toxins, making it quite dangerous to humans.

11 Funnel-Web Spider

Funnel-web spider

The venom of this spider is said to be twice as powerful is cyanide. It can kill a small child within 15 minutes.

12 Stonefish


The 13 spines on the back of the Stonefish can deliver an extremely venomous jolt to your system. So venomous in fact, that you’ll likely be dead within several hours unless you receive treatment.

13 Gila Monster

Gila monster

While its bite isn’t typically fatal to humans, it can cause massive drops in blood pressure and hemorrhaging.

14 Indian Red Scorpion

Indian red scorpion

Just a brush with this lethal critter carries a mortality rate of 40%.

15 Brown Recluse

brown recluseVenom from this little critter causes your red blood cells to explode, damages your organs, and can even be fatal to young children.

16 Black Widow Spider

Black widow spider

Females have large venom glands that deliver powerful venom to their prey. The venom interferes with nerve signals. The result is extremely painful and can cause death.

17 Saw-Scaled Viper

Saw-scaled viper

This viper is responsible for more human deaths due to snake bites in its region (Africa/Asia) than any other snake.

18 Marbled Cone Snail

marbled cone snail

Don’t let its amazing beauty fool you! This snail shoots out “harpoons” laced with a very powerful neurotoxin. How powerful? Well, one drop of its venom is powerful enough to kill 20 people. It’s best to just leave these pretty animals alone. There is currently no anti-venom.

19 Deathstalker Scorpion

Deathstalker scorpion

This scorpion is just what it sounds like. Although adult humans don’t typically die from a sting, the powerful mixture of neurotoxins can be very painful.

20 Southern Short-Tailed Shrew

Southern short-tailed shrew

This shrew can use its grooved incisors to deliver enough venom to kill over 200 mice.

21 Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake

Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake

The largest rattlesnake and most venomous snake in North America, it only takes 100-150 mg of its venom to kill a human.

22 Dubois Sea Snake

dubois sea snake

The deadliest of all sea snakes, this bad boy’s venom can cause difficulty swallowing, talking, and breathing.

23 Coastal Taipan

Coastal taipan

This highly dangerous snake’s venom is capable of killing an adult human within 30 minutes.

24 Lionfish


Its boldly colored fin rays can cause fever, pain, convulsions, and even death.

25 King Cobra

king cobra

Although its venom isn’t the most potent on our list, the King Cobra doesn’t need to bite you…it can spit its venom! Also, only 7 milliliters can kill an elephant (or 20 humans).


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